On the journey.

One the journey

Countless souvenirs from travels around the world. The rest is just a background to highlight them. Warm tone. And also the possibility of changing the arrangement.

Year: 2020

Localization: Warsaw Wilanów

House with a touch of nostalgia.

house with a touch of nostalgia

Black & White. A unique apartment. Black, white and shiny.  All insulated with wood.

Here less is more. 

Year: 2016

Localization: Radomsko

Sleepy dreams.

Sleepy dreams

A further stage of reconstruction of the house in Radomsko.

Year: 2017

Localization: Radomsko

Residence by the lake.

Residence by the lake

Beautiful location by the lake and one-storey house of 400m2, bathed in wood. Perfect for a young family. 

Year: 2017

Localization: Radomsko

House with unusual wood.

house with unusual wood.

A project’s full of unusual and exclusive solutions such as using czeczot veneers or corrugated conglomerates. Original Italian lighting complements these warm interiors.

Year: 2017

Localization: Radomsko

House by the forest.

house by the forest

Two-storey house with huge glazing surrounded by greenery. Wood on the outside and inside. 

And green.

That’s enough.

Year: 2018

Localization: Warsaw Bielany

(Un)divided studio.

(un)divided studio

A starter apartment must often have several functions. For this to happen it can be divided with glass walls, create the necessary zones and at the same time do not lose space.


Year: 2018

Localization: Warsaw Szczęśliwice


With an openwork kitchen.

With an openwork kitchen

Warmth and simplicity. 

Sometimes there’s no need to look for extraordinary decorations. What counts is simplicity and the function it carries. The interior is made of warm wood. The rest is pure minimalism. And how important it is to divide the space gently with light moving parts. This gives the possibility of easy rearrangement and adaptation to current needs. 

Year: 2019

Localization: Łódź

On the glass pillars.

On the glass Pillars

A new concept of an open space apartment. Dividing the entrance area from the daytime part with glass pillars. The apartment is decorated with Vietnamese accessories, which remind the owners of their place of origin.


Year: 2020

Localization: Warsaw Downtown


By the water stream.

By the water stream

Black & White. An extremely minimalistic apartment. Black, white and shiny. All insulated with wood. 

Here, less is more. Just as the investor dreamed. 

Year: 2018

Localization: Warsaw Służew